Technology and facts

Eavor-Loop™ is a new category in energy production and has little similarity to conventional geothermal. The absorption of heat takes place safely via a working fluid in a closed-loop system – there is no exchange with sub-surface water and no risk of seismicity.



ca. 360 km
total drilling distance

ca. 4500 m
drilling depth

Number of loops

ca. 8,2  MW
Gross energy yield electric

ca. 64 MW
Gross energy yield thermal

ca. 44.000 t
Saving of CO2 equivalents per year




Eavor-Loop™ is a renewable energy source and, being CO2-free, is ideally suited for district heating networks. An economical Eavor-Loop™ plant can be installed in close proximity to industrial and residential zones.


The flow rate of the working fluid can be changed. Eavor-Loop™ then works like a buffer tank and is prepared for an increase in demand. This means that Eavor-Loop™, working together with other renewables, can help balance the power grid.

Location independent

As opposed to conventional geothermics, Eavor-Loop™ technology requires no hydrothermal reservoir and has a much smaller surface footprint that other renewable energies. This makes Eavor-Loop™ geothermal power available at almost any location.


Once installed, Eavor-Loop™ reliably delivers energy. Through the natural circulation of the working fluid in the closed loop, the plant works continually with no emissions and little maintenance. This makes it not only environmentally friendly but also commercially viable.


Eavor-Loop™ can be installed to suit the energy needs of local industry and district heating systems and can be expanded with low demands on surface area. Eavor-Loop™ delivers power and heat as required – approximately 15 MWth with a single plant.


Geothermal heat is an inexhaustible energy source that an Eavor-Loop™ plant can tap into for many decades using the innovative system design. Eavor-Loop™ guarantees this through reliable analyses of heat models and working parameters.

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