Eavor-Loop™ Geretsried

In Geretsried, Germany, Eavor™ is writing the next chapter of the energy transition. The Eavor-Loop™ is a closed-loop geothermal system where a benign working fluid circulates in an industrial-sized, underground heat exchanger without the need for a pumping system.

The Eavor-Loop™ in Geretsried will supply the entire region with district heating and electricity within the next four years and has the potential to become a game-changer in energy supply.

“We are proud to be seen far beyond our region with the largest renewable energy project in the district and to be technologically at the forefront of the energy transition with the Eavor-Loop™.”

Josef Niedermaier
District administrator of the Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen district

“For our region and for Bavaria, the use of geothermal energy is an essential foundation for the success of the energy transition and locally for the regional supply of climate-friendly heat.”

Michael Müller
Erster Bürgermeister Geretsried

“The Eavor-Loop™ in Geretsried will be a model for many additional commercial geothermal power plants. In widespread application, our clean and safe Eavor-Loop™ technology will make a significant contribution to energy security and climate neutrality in Germany, in Europe, and worldwide.”

Daniel Mölk
Managing Director Eavor Erdwärme Geretsried GmbH

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